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Unless your koi has been treated for parasites, it is very safe to assume that it has parasite!

There are 2 main reasons for sick koi and or goldfish : water quality and or parasites

Parasites- Overview

Treating for Parasites

Argulus-Fish Lice

Blood Worms
What are these little red worms?






Intestinal Parasites
This page was added in March 2007. This can explain unexpected deaths, slow growth rate, and bloated bellies in pond fish.

Products can be found on Supply Page

How to Jump Start a Pond or Aquarium new article March 2007

Carp Pox cold water virus



Gas Bubble Disease


Mechanical Injury
fish damaged by a pump and recovery


Saprolgenia, Epistylis and Columnaris
Mold on fish

Surgery to repair a torn pectoral fin

Ulcer Disease

Sometimes there are just no answers

It has been said, "take care of the water quality and the fish will take care of themselves."

Truer words were never spoken. There are only two reasons why fish get sick.

1. Parasites

2. Bad water quality

Keep in mind that just because the water looks crystal clear, it may still contain deadly amounts of ammonia and or nitrite. In order to avoid problems the ammonia and nitrite must always be 0, zero, none, nadda, no other reading is acceptable. There are other factors in water quality also. pH, Water hardness, softness (GH), carbonate hardness (KH)

The following links will explain in more detail. Water Testing

How dirty is your pond/aquarium
Think your pond/tank is clean? Take a look at this link!

Click on the link for Using Potassium Permanganate if your pond is really dirty.

Purchase test kits
Here you will find basic supplies plus pertinent water testing kits.

Ulcer and injection technique learn how, watch the video

KHV and SVC two deadly viruses. See photos of fish with KHV

Symptoms of KHV comprehensive list of symptoms

Tumor graphic picture of a surgery on a fish with a tumor

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