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Welcome to BonniesPlants.com
Your one stop for Koi Fish and Pond Plants products and information. From what was once a hobby, hence grown into a passion of the heart and then, up until now (and undoubtedly including the future) what can only be called an ‘undying obsession that borders on neurosis’. With that in mind be sure to check back often because, like any true neurosis left untreated, this web site (and my obsession) will only develop, more fully, over time.
First off let me say, I am easiest to reach by email. I work many hours in the greenhouse and the phone does not work there do to the huge fans that run. I do come up to the house every couple of hours to check for email. My email is bonniehale@charter.net.  I am quick to reply to emails, generally within a few hours.

I no longer do phone consultations over the phone or by email UNLESS you purchased your koi from us. Please contact the supplier where you purchased your Koi.

We are no longer open to the public, (only under special circumstances do we allow visitors and you must contact me either by phone or email prior) It really was inconvenient for folks to just show up at our home unannounced. I can be reached by phone at 828-428-9109, Newton NC

Koi are not in the shopping cart so you can use the form below or the one that is at the bottom of every koi for sale page

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