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Lymphocystison koi  

Mostly on the left side and one patch on the right side near the dorsal

Lymphocystison koi , near dorsal and forehead

Close-up of Lymphocystis on koi  Close-up of Lymphocystis on koi lRaised patches cover most of this Sanke's body  Raised patches cover most of this Sanke's body

Sanke with raised bumps Lymphocystis  Sanke with raised bumps

Koi Video 1 of Lymphocystis on koi  Hi Utsuri (black and red koi) left side near front of dorsal fin.  Left side near front of head

Koi Video 2 of Lymphocystis on koi  Sanke most of the body. She is near the auto fill valve (the noise you hear is water going into the pond via the auto fill)  You will see her swim toward the fill valve them swim down to the bottom.  Zorro is in the video too towards the end

Koi Video 3 of Lymphocystis on koi  One can see that Blaze has some spots on the right side near the dorsal fin

Koi Video 4 of Lymphocystis on koi  The 2 smaller Hi Utsuri are from Blaze's first spawn


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