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The photos and video that follow are quite graphic and make not be advisable for the weak at the knee type person.

Pond was accessed.  Fish scoped, no parasites found.  Of the 32 fish in the 5,000 gallon pond all but about 4 or 5 had ulcers, fin, tail or mouth rot.  The fish below, which by the way won koi of the year award for our club in 2003, was by far the worst.  The Pectoral fin was just barely hanging on to the body.  As you can see the infection rotted away in the "pit" of the pectoral fin.  The fin was just barely hanging on. I knew it was a long shot to try to stitch and have it hold.  I was hoping the fish would just hold the fin to its body until it had time to heal.
 The surgery table was set up.

The surgery table was set up.  Bath towels covered in bubble wrap

The damage ~ torn pectoral fin

The damage.

Fish is put to sleep using oil of clove

Fish is put to sleep using oil of clove
If you look close you will see the suturing material
lying on the fish. Fish is put to sleep using oil of clove

Below are the videos to repair the torn fin.  I had to do short video's to make sure it would work on a wider range of computers.  At one point the fish did come out of anesthetic and had to be put back under.
I wish I could say it was a success, the fish recovered from anesthetic and was swimming holding the injured fin close to its body, just as I had hoped.  About an hour later it decided to try to jump at which point the 4 stitches ripped.  I will be going back on Tuesday and assess the fish.  Not sure what to do at this point.
The mouth rot had eaten away the lower jaw.  The owners report the fish is still eating This fish was the 2nd worst.  The mouth rot had eaten away the lower jaw.  The owners report the fish is still eating.  It is just a "wait and see" now  on how much it will heal with antibiotic injections.
All 32 fish from the pond were injected and  the wounds cleaned with Potassium Permanganate.  I will be returning in 2 days to Charlotte to check the progress.  The fish were moved to 2 show tanks to a garage along with the filter.  The owners have a heater and will gradually raise the temperature from 61 to about 75 over the next few days.

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