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We heard from you and do understand that the email inquiry for that we formerly used for ordering was confusing. After many months of work we now have a shopping cart set up Bonnie's Online Shop. Unfortunately it is flawed when it comes to combining shipping. All of the other carts I looked at did not have the ability to combine shipping either.

What this means is if you buy say for instance 2 plants you will be charged shipping for 2 boxes. Chances are great that I can put both plants in the same box and you will only pay for one box instead of 2. Keep in mind that while I do offer combined shipping; not all plants can ship in the same box. Most can though. I can add some small supplies to the same box with some plants but not all. I can add pond tabs (plant fertilizer to just about any box, as they are small enough)

If you are overcharged on shipping, the extra shipping will be deducted on the shipping date when your credit card is actually charged.

As always you can email me a list of plants and request a shipping quote prior to placing an order. I do ask that you give the shopping cart a try, as this is a real time saver for me.

If you prefer not to use a credit or debit card, there is an option at checkout to select check or money order as a payment option. I will hold those orders for 10 days for payment to arrive. After 10 days the hold will be removed.

Fish will NOT be added to the cart because shipping is very complex as to rates, how many fish per box. Please continue to use the email inquiry at the bottom of each fish for sale page.

LOTUS TUBERS We will start shipping lotus tubers in early to mid January depending on our local weather. If you joined my email newsletter, you will receive an email with prices, availability and when we will start shipping.
All fish photos and measurements were finally completed the beginning of November. I was quite surprised too when many sold almost immediately after they were updated. In February or March I will update again and add more new fish! We have lots of babies that will grow larger over the winter in the heated greenhouse.
Koi only spawn in the spring/early summer and we will be selling eggs again in 2009. To be added to the mailing list and join my email list. You will receive an email when we are ready to spawn in 2008. Please do not email me directly because I no longer maintain an email list  on my computer.  It must be done through the email sign up.
The new shopping cart has options for Gift Certificates for the "ponder" in your life. I have tried to pick out the most common denominations used in prior years.

Wonderful gift ideas are the underwater pond camera. Please don’t wait too long to order the camera as I always sell out at Christmas time, as does my supplier.

And I also recently added a remote pond thermometer  See the shopping cart so that you never have to go outside again to see what your pond water is. You can see it on the remote thermometer in your home.  What "ponder" would not love to have one of those?

This is a really cool feature to the new shopping cart. You can make a list of items I have for sale and have friends and family choose items from your list!
I have them, they are still in excellent supply for shipping. The plants are now blooming and will go dormant in the spring when the water warms up. If you are not familiar with Water Hawthorne, they grow and bloom in cooler water from approximately September to April or longer, depending on your water temperatures.
I get emails asking how to super clean your pond so I put the article on how to Potassium Permanganate

This section is better organized with easier to find information Plant Tips and Tricks
The Koi Care section is also re-organized and should make it easier to find solutions.
Message Board many are not aware that this board even exists when in reality I have owned it since the late 1990's! You can post fish, pond or plant questions here and get the answer fairly quick. You can even post photos of your pond or fish related photos


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