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Brugmansia or Angel Trumpet -  Peach Versa
NOTICE: Brugmansia (aka Angel Trumpets, Angel Tears) ARE NOT pond plants. Do not place them in your pond!

EVERY PART OF THESE PLANTS ARE POISONOUS SO USE CARE. Make sure to wash your hands immediately after handling these plants.

Many saw them on my favorite land plants page and asked about where to buy them. So we started growing them for sale.

Pink Frost

Solid Gold

Peach Versa

Suaveolns White

Variegated Folliage

Brugmansia annually grow into a small shrub in warmer climates of zone 9 or higher.  Here in zones 7, they go dormant and winter over just fine. 

The plant dies back to the ground each fall and sends up new shoots every spring.  In colder climates, less than zone 7, they can be grown as a patio plant and moved inside to a sunny window for the winter.

NOTE:   All parts of the plants are poisonous: the leaves, stems, roots, seedpods, and seeds. The flowers are generally the least poisonous of all the parts of the plant
Variegated Angel Trumpet   Variegated Angel Trumpet
Variegated Angel Trumpet. Foliage is a lovely green and cream colored. Flower start out white and then turn peach in color.
Pink Frost  Angel Trumpet - BrugmansiaPink Frost  Angel Trumpet - Brugmansia Pink Frost  Angel Trumpet - Brugmansia
Above is Pink Frost You will note that on the bush there are more than one color flower bud.
Brugmansia or Angel Trumpet -  Peach Versa peach and white flowers on the same plant
Above is Peach Versa. As with all BRUGMANSIA the color changes each day the flower is open.  But what is neat is you will see all the different colors at one time on the same plant.
Brugmansia or Angel Trumpet -  Solid Gold Brugmansia or Angel Trumpet -  Solid Gold Brugmansia or Angel Trumpet -  Solid Gold
Dark golden yellow flowers that are large and very fragrant

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