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Doc Video  10/21/2013  Dirty ponds have DOC Dissolved Organic Compounds.  As you watch the video (sorry it is sideways, it was emailed to me that way from a customer) look at the foam on the water.  This foam means DOC and it is uneaten fish food, plant particles, feces and other compounds that are found in a pond.  DOC can and does kill pond fish.  When you see the foam on the water, your pond fish are living in their own septic system.

A couple of 50% water changes where one siphons off the bottom or a good vacuuming will take care of DOC.

Or you can use a flocculent as is found here

My pond is clean but it had a lot of "fines" that the filter just would not pick up. I have a Challenger on a 15,000 gallon pond. I have tried many commercial pond vacuums and none of them worked to my satisfaction. After much thought, and other failed attempts, Rich and I came up with an idea that works very well.
We used a larger pump and hooked it to a piece of tubing. You might be able to use a garden hose (possibly you would have to buy a fitting. This would depend on the size pump you use). I tried quilt batting at first and but it did not wash clean. Daughter Jen found some polyester knit material on the clearance table for $1.00 a yard at Wal-Mart. We lined a heavy duty laundry basket with the material. We had to use clamps to hold it to the basket because we used a 4500 GPH trash pump, a very powerful pump.

We set the laundry basket on the water fall so that the clean water would return to the pond. Turned on the pump and oh wow! We had to wash the material about every 15 minutes and repeated until all the fines were out of the water. Rich did get in the pond and "swim" a couple of times to keep the stuff moving toward the pump. Not a problem for him because he swims with the fish nearly ever day.
They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so here are some  pictures worth a million  words.

Pump is set up on the bottom of the pondMiddle pond bottom drain I thought my pond was clean because I could see the bottom drain.  We could also see the pump we used in the bottom of the pond! it LOOKS clean - right?

Wrong! Look again.

Laundry basket sits on the water fall Look at the dirt! The laundry basket has a piece of cotton material inside to catch the "fines" Look at the dirt! The laundry basket has a piece of cotton material inside to catch the "fines" Look at the dirt! The laundry basket has a piece of cotton material inside to catch the "fines"

Many ask about using PP or Potassium Permanganate to clean super dirty ponds. Click on the link for Using Potassium Permanganate 

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